Half hopeless romantic, half rustic realist

Our story so far: Using reclaimed wood from the basement ceiling, Tyler constructed a unique accent wall for the powder room in the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

Then Tyler tackled the half-wall in the master bedroom where our king bed and the bank-safe night stands would ultimately be placed.

In our former house, we invested in an enormous bedroom set featuring a grand four-poster bed with marble accents that looked a little like a throne (we got a deal on the floor model). The whole set was so big, I didn’t move it once in the decade we lived there and we sold it when we moved because we figured we’d never have a bedroom big enough for it again. This left us without a headboard in the church for our king mattress, and I decided I wanted something non-standard: The whole wall would become our headboard.

During construction, Tyler and my stepson built a half wall, a la one featured in “The Downtown Loft Challenge” episode of “Fixer Upper,” in which Joanna Gaines created an accent wall with white oak planks and a narrow shelf. She set artwork, a few books and a candle on the shelf above the bed. Instead of white oak, we used the reclaimed basement ceiling boards—a mix of the white, gray and black ones—to decorate the lower half. During one of our antiquing trips last fall, Tyler and I found a set of old arched church windows without glass; that’s the artwork we would display on the shelf.

headboard board
Now that’s a rustic accent wall!

# # #

Tomorrow: Another bedroom wall gets some love at Chapter 30 closes. See it here.

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