How to read this blog

This blog began as a memoir-in-progress written in more-or-less real-time. Unlike most memoirs, where the protagonist thinks about all the things she’s learned and benefits from some perspective before finishing her story, this tale serialized it as it happened during the first 11 months of renovation. My goal was to write at least a few sentences every day and despite helping with a major remodel, I managed that much.

Each post linked to the next one so if you’re interested in starting at the beginning, click here; at the end of each post, just click on “here” to go to the next one.

CSH Book Front Cover OnlyAt some point in November 2018, I determined the memoir in progress had run its course and I turned the raw material into a book, which is much easy to read an ebook or paperback, than as blog entries. Check it out here.

Church Sweet Home—the blog—continues. Only I don’t write it in past tense, and the posts aren’t serialized anymore. No more “our story so far” and “tomorrow” teasers. Each entry stands alone. I write about further progress we’ve made on the renovation and show off how we’re decorating the spaces.

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