Recycling turns things into other things—which is like magic

Our story so far: We were a bit overwhelmed with decisions and budget considerations while determining paint colors and trim for the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

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Fortunately, we saved a lot of scrap trim and wood when we were taking the church apart during demolition, and at least some of it was not only useable and money-saving, we could recycle it in a beautiful way. And the best part: We were using what we had so it required very little decision-making and no paint.

When Tyler took apart the basement ceiling to save the tin plates, all of it was nailed in place with tongue-and-groove planks. The church builders of old may have used leftover pieces from elsewhere in the church or another location altogether because though it matched in shape, it came in a rainbow of painted and unpainted colors. We saved it and moved it around the basement and then the deteriorating tool shed out back and now finally, we could put it to use—as accent walls, the modern method of featuring one wall in a room for some aesthetic purpose. One of our ten design rules required putting an accent wall in every—or nearly every—room.

powder room vanity pic

First up: The powder room.

Without sanding, treating or even cleaning the tongue-and-groove boards, Tyler nailed the shortest and most uniquely colored boards to the south wall, on which our sleek, pure white vanity and mirror set would stand out. When he was done, the rustic backdrop added miles of character to the 21-square-foot room, and it would require only a coat of polyurethane to finish it.

powder room wall
Powder room accent wall.

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Tomorrow: If you like this, you’ll love the accent wall Tyler built in the master bedroom. Check out it here.

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