When you love what you have, you have everything you need

Our story so far: We made decisions that affected the look of the entire church we were turning into a home: Wall paint and trim. Fortunately, we saved a lot of scrap trim and wood when we were taking the church apart during demolition, and at least some of it was usable.

# # #

While he was in the bedroom making a feature wall, Tyler used up some of the miscellaneous beadboard we salvaged in the church to finish the wall of the closet so it would coordinate with the original beadboard in the room. It wasn’t an exact match, but it was an easy decision—it was free. Once trimmed with chair rail and painted with the rest, it would look dynamite.

beadboard in the bedroom
The beadboard on the right is the original beadboard where I found little holes indicating coat hooks for a long ago Sunday school class.

# # #

Tomorrow: We juggle a number of projects as Chapter 31 opens. Read it here.

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