When being clingy is a good thing

Our story so far: The finishing details were coming together in the old Methodist church we had been renovating into a home for several months.

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After a lot of debate about how to install the carpeting over the edge of the balcony, the actual installation on a warm day a couple of weeks before Labor Day went well. The off-white Snowflake with a silvery pattern looked lux. Only white wine drinkers allowed.

Since we were still generating construction dust and maneuvering a parade of contractors through the building, our light-colored carpeting would need temporary protection. Tyler invested in a couple of rolls of industrial carpet wrap. Imagine a giant, three-foot wide roll of super sticky Saran Wrap. Great concept. Tricky execution.

The carpeting installer did not put this stuff down. We did.

Tyler tried rolling it down himself, and even with his strength and wingspan, it was impossible. This was a two-person job.

He held the giant roll while I yanked it out with both hands in four or five foot lengths, balanced the flimsy sheet with one hand and cut it with a knife in the other and then, on my knees, stuck it down along all the edges. Frequently, the stuff would stick to itself. There was no going back. That piece was toast.

About twenty minutes in, I noticed I was getting splashed when I yanked the plastic off the roll. Tyler, who was standing over the roll, was sweating on it, and when I yanked the sheet, droplets of his perspiration popped up at me.

Exercise and a shower, too. Double duty.

The sticky on this stuff was truly industrial strength. Even a month later, it was sticking to the carpet, keeping it clean.

balcony carpeting
As with most of my After pictures in this era, you’re going to have to imagine the space without the construction materials.

# # #

Tomorrow: Let there be light. Read about it here.

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