Home is where the pants aren’t

Our story so far: Nine months in, we were down to refining details on the first and second floors of the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

Some projects that would be considered minor in any normal renovation hogged time in this one (refinishing the floors was probably Exhibit A). But window coverings, too. We purchased blinds for every window on the first and second floors because, well, some of those windows were on the first floor and now they had clear glass. We didn’t want to see the neighbors all the time, and they didn’t want to see us all the time either. One or two or four blinds was a small project. Hanging fourteen blinds, some from twelve feet high, required all day.

Once they were hung, the windows took on a new feel. Instead of being wide-open public windows, they looked like windows that belonged in a home. I liked it.

windows before painting
Here’s how the main floor windows look pre-painting and blinds.
windows with blinds
And here’s how they looked after paint and blinds. In this shot, you can see the original  etched glass in the transom windows.

We hung basic white wood-like blinds in all the windows except the master bedroom, where Tyler hung light-blocking Roman shades. Well, he hung them in one of the bedroom windows. The other window presented a dilemma. One of the corners was eclipsed by the bottom of the stairway. He hauled the standard Roman shade to his mother and delegated this problem to her to solve. She is a talented seamstress who once sewed my wedding gown. If she couldn’t solve this pentagonal problem, no one could.

bedroom windows
One Roman shade hangs in the bedroom windows. The other window presents a bit of a challenge.

# # #

Today’s headline comes from an internet meme. Google “home is where the pants aren’t,” and you might be surprised about how many T-shirts, wall signs and coffee cups come up.

Tomorrow: Better than Saran Wrap. Read about it here.

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