Be the light that helps others see

Our story so far: We wrapped up details by the day as we prepared to move into the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

The electrician returned to install light fixtures and electrify outlets. He had wired the place months before and hooked up some of our lights and fans, but when we walked through the church in the evenings, we used flashlights to see where we were going in most rooms.

First stop: The kitchen. Most of the can lights were already operational, but he did the finishing work and hung our island pendant lights.

pendant lights
And evening shot of the pendant lights above the kitchen island. If you look closely, you can see the seeded glass.

Then he spent quite a bit of time in the bedroom. I could hardly wait to hang the crystals on the nightstand chandeliers, the ones that once hung in the sanctuary. I washed what felt like a hundred of them only to discover I had enough for only one chandelier. It looked lovely. I spent over an hour looking for the other crystals we had salvaged during the demolition phase. But I came up empty. I had stashed them so well, they weren’t going to turn up until we moved boxes into the church. Fingers crossed.


I also discovered a number of lights I failed to order back in April when I ordered lights for every bathroom: The back stairway, the laundry room, the water closet. I went back to the Lighting Savant to peruse his piles of catalogs; more light fixtures went on order.

# # #

Tomorrow: The kitchen backsplash is perfect. Check it out here.

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