You will never ‘find’ time for anything; if you want time, you must make it

Our story so far: We were seeing the pay off of months of hard work in the renovation of an old Methodist church into our home.

# # #

Time will tell.

Another small detail that caught the eye of a lot of people who looked at images of our floors was the clock we put up above the interior entryway doors.

I coveted a clock like this even before we purchased the church. If you watch “Fixer Upper” even a couple of times, you’re bound to see a clock—usually with hard-to-decipher Roman numerals because it doesn’t even matter if you’re using it to tell time—in the After reveal; “oversized clock” was listed in our design style. When I found an airy, wrought-iron clock in the showroom of our glass guy, I purchased it on the spot.

Originally, I had planned to put it up on the fireplace, but we decided we had enough going on up there. We enlisted You-Can-Call-Me-Al, who could be depended on for straight-and-level installation, to put it up inside the interior entryway doors. Many more items would be hung on the walls in future weeks, but this one went up while we still had tall ladders at the ready.

# # #

Tomorrow: Blinds. Read about them here.

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