It’s not what you start in life, it’s what you finish

Our story so far: We returned the scaffolding that had been crucial for finishing the ceiling of the sanctuary in the old Methodist church were turning into our dream home, and we finally had an unobstructed view of the fireplace.

# # #

Tyler also wrapped up another project that, like the scaffolding, had been sitting around for months: The pickled, planked plywood for the second floor ceiling. Tyler started the project when we had the Solatubes installed in the roof (months ago), and then work lapsed for more pressing priorities. I finally finished painting the planks, and Tyler wanted them out of the way, so he and a helper nailed wood to the ceiling all day.

original second floor ceiling
The original second floor ceiling was nondescript.

The original ceiling (by original, I mean the way it was when we bought the church) was some sort of beat-up ceiling tiling boards. The new shiplap-ish planks, even untrimmed, were a vast improvement.

second floor ceiling
The new second floor ceiling is pickled, planked plywood. The windows were replaced, and trimmed out (but they still need paint).

Meanwhile, You-Can-Call-Me-Al replaced the old windows and trimmed them out. With the refinished floor, the vision for the second floor was finally materializing.

# # #

Tomorrow: More windows. Check it out here.

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