There is no peace more delightful than one’s own fireplace

Our story so far: Finally, we had a few things to admire at the end of the day during construction at the old Methodist church.

# # #

Back in January, Tyler spent the month demolishing the rest of the interior of the church and wringing his hands about how he was going to take apart the twenty-foot ceiling of the sanctuary. But then he found our drywalling team who came to the rescue by demoing the ceiling and putting it back together again. They also lent us some scaffolding which were used to install the faux beams, the ceiling fans and the restored sanctuary chandeliers.

Oh, and the stone on the fireplace to the ceiling.

fireplace before
Tyler poses for a shot of the fireplace chase he and You-Can-Call-Me-Al built. Plus the scaffolding which made it possible. (Tyler would have me tell you that what you can’t see is the hole he cut in the fireplace behind, and it was no easy task.)

Thank God (and the drywallers) for that scaffolding.

fireplace during
The fireplace, half done, peeking through the scaffolding.

But finally, months later, it was time to get it out of our great room. It obstructed the view.

You-Can-Call-Me-Al deconstructed it (single-handedly, which was a trick) and piled it into the back of the pickup. Tyler returned it to the owner, and now we could see the finished fireplace in all its glory. Ironically, or perhaps just as it should be, the fireplace occupied the same place the red velvet curtain did behind what was once the altar, the symbolic representation of the place where worshippers throughout history burned sacrifices (and probably enjoyed the resulting barbecued animal flesh). We would burn natural gas and enjoy the dancing flames just as much.

fireplace finished
The finished fireplace, minus the scaffolding (but not the ladders).

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero, a second century Roman statesman, orator and writer.

Tomorrow: Another finishing touch. Read about it here.

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