Renovation is a juggling act

Our story so far: We were seven months into renovating the old Methodist church into our home.

# # #

Chapter 31

We juggled enough projects as summer inched on that something different occurred in a steady rhythm every day.

shower nook finished
Remember the “Shampoo is ugly” post? This is the result in the master shower stall. The hooks? For washcloths and shower poufs, all hidden from view of the bathroom doorway.


shower with curbs
When the shower was finished being tiled, we could get curbs, which you see installed here.

The carpet guy measured the balcony. The railings guy measured the balcony, too. The glass guy measured for our shower door. Because the quartz guys finally installed the curbs on the shower! And while the glass guy was there, he measured for new screens for the entryway windows and new glass for the sanctuary windows. Trim Guy measured for trim. A couple different painters eyed the walls to prepare estimates.

house numbers
The WoodsCollective.

To help all these contractors find our place, we installed temporary house numbers on the church. Do churches ever have house numbers? Maybe the church sign was evidence enough of a worshiping congregation, but as residents we needed something more definitive. I wanted to build the permanent sign, but my idea required using a saw, and Tyler said he had more important things to do than cut circles of wood, so I found what I wanted on Etsy, thanks to Zach and Sheena at the WoodsCollective.

# # #

Tomorrow: A clear sign we needed good signage. Read about it here.

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