Wherever you go, whatever you do, I’ll always be there supporting you

Our story so far: As my husband walked the new foundation of his garage, describing in grand detail how it would someday look, I got a tingle in my chest just to see him so happy.

# # #

I would feel that embodiment of excitement again a few days later when the drywall team and You-Can-Call-Me-Al joined forces to install the faux beams in the sanctuary of the church (a.k.a. great room) (read here about the purchase of the faux beams). I couldn’t bear to hang around during the day, listening to debates about angles and watching the men teeter on scaffolding, but when Tyler and I surveyed their work at the end of the day, I could barely speak.

beams on ceiling
The mood lighting of early evening without the benefit of electric lights doesn’t do this shot justice, but it gives you an idea of how our ceiling now looks.

Finally, our home was beginning to look like I imagined it would when we first toured the church eight months before. Even without light fixtures and fans, our fake beams looked finished and majestic. The beams were everything I’d hoped they’d be.

beam closeup
This artsy angle on the beams was taken from the balcony.

# # #

Tomorrow: More mud? Read about it here.

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