Bona fide is Latin for in good faith, and isn’t planting an act of faith?

Our story so far: Renovating the old Methodist church into a home was a big project with a lot of moving parts. And moving mud.

# # #

The last day of school at the elementary across the street created an uncharacteristic parking jam; the streets all around our church were lined with cars owned by parents who were marking the day by picnicking with their children on the school grounds. Interestingly, people recognized our new driveway as “real,”  even though it was closed to entry by yellow caution tape. Relieved to find a spot, I slipped into the opening with the beat-up pickup after an errand.

moving mud
Tyler moving mud with a skid loader; his hired man St. Johnny moving it with a shovel.

Tyler, meanwhile, was self-conscious of his construction mess. With the driveway poured and hardening in the summer sun, Tyler took advantage of the skid loader he’d borrowed to landscape the piles of dirt created by the driveway project. He fashioned a low berm that lined the driveway and protected the roots of the ancient pines in the back yard; we’d designed the project to spare all of our trees.

Though it would take a few weeks to grow, he spread grass seed over the dirt. Soon we would have a bona fide lawn again.

# # #

Tomorrow: A different beam gets installed. Check it out here.

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