Part of the fun is in the planning

Our story so far: The concrete finishers completed the driveway for the old Methodist church we were transforming into a home.

# # #

Now all we needed was the garage itself, which we had already determined would be an autumn project. In the meantime, Tyler erected our thrift-store patio set on the garage foundation. He conducted many-a contractor and wife meetings there while enjoying a cup of coffee or a beer.

Late one afternoon, while we were collecting our wits on the patio at the end of the day, he walked the garage foundation and described his planned layout. Pantomiming doors and windows, he would build some shelving there, his tool chests would go here, the beer fridge would go over there, and so on. As he dreamed of his mancave, I got a little flutter in my chest just to see him so happy.

# # #

Tomorrow: If mancave plans can evoke such emotion, think what beams in the sanctuary could do! Check it out here.

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