All great changes are preceded by chaos

Our story so far: While the drywallers were working inside the old church that would someday soon become our home, Tyler & Crew were pouring concrete outside the church for the future garage.

# # #

Chapter 27

As the lilacs faded and May transformed into June, much activity was occurring inside, outside and around our church-sweet-home project.

The conversations Tyler and I had sounded more like a corporate project manager’s Monday morning update meetings than a conversation between husband and wife.

“I need an update on how much we’ve spent on the garage so far.”

“Do you know when the drywallers are coming today?”

“When are you going to pick up that replacement siding?”

“When will you have a few minutes to look at that bathroom vanity with me?”

“Find the fireplace receipt—I need to return those parts.”

“I need the key to the rental unit so I can drop off the lights.”

“Listen to this voicemail from the carpet guy and let’s discuss.”

“What did the spiral stairway manufacturer say about the timeline?”

“Did You-Can-Call-Me-Al finish grouting the shower today?”

“Remind me to buy window wells tomorrow.”

“Have you heard from the guy who’s supposed to measure the shower?”

“Did you pay the concrete company?”

“You need to get back to the spiral stairway manufacturer about the stairway railing material.”

“Did the carpet guy call you back?”

church sign spinning top
The first time I finished with this message, I realized I forgot a “not,” completely confusing the meaning. Dumbhead typos.

We were spinning like tops, just trying to keep our equilibrium.

It seemed as though nothing was getting accomplished, but it was a big project with a lot of moving parts. In fact, we were ticking off a number of items on our to-do list. If we had been remodeling only the bathroom or building only a garage, these “little” tasks would have been big steps to completion. They only seemed small in the face of the mountain of all we had yet to get done.

# # #

Today’s headline comes from author Deepak Chopra.

Tomorrow: Ticking another little task off the list. Check out the dramatic changes here.

3 thoughts on “All great changes are preceded by chaos

    • Fifty percent mine. We drove by a top museum nearby, which got me thinking about spinning tops. I found the first sentence in a different quote about purposeful action versus harmonious action, but I made up the part about balance.


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