Give us the tools, and we will finish the job

Our story so far: We struck a deal for a pair of antique safes we could repurpose as night stands in the master bedroom of the old church we were turning into our dream home.

# # #

The safe seller rolled them out of the garage on their perfectly burnished rusty wheels and then he fetched his front-end loader. Before he loaded the safes, though, he knelt in his driveway in front of the safes to show me how the combination locks worked, safecracker style.

One of them was empty, but the other one held a couple of bags of coins (quarters? gold doubloons?) and several hundred dollars in bills.

“Good thing I checked!” he said, trotting his booty inside. Yes, indeed.

safe loading
Use your legs, not your back, when lifting heavy items. Or a Bobcat.

He rolled the safes into the front-end loader’s bucket and lifted them gingerly into the back of our pickup, no muscle required.

It wouldn’t be so easy for us on the other end. Those antique safes might have been almost as difficult to get into the church as the old TV was to get rid of.

Fortunately, Tyler’s clever creativity extended from bedroom design to the transport of safes. He built a temporary bridge out of the leftover wood from the garage foundation forms to roll the safes from the back of the pickup directly into the main floor of the church/chome.

The safes would require a bit of clean up, but voilà, distinctive and functional rustic night stands.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, spoken in a 1941 radio broadcast stoking the morale of the British public in the early part of World War II.

Tomorrow: Chapter 27 opens with a bit of project management. Read about it here.

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