For those colors which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground

Our story so far: Many months into the renovation of the old Methodist church into our home, it seemed as though nothing was getting accomplished, but it was a big project with a lot of moving parts. In fact, we were ticking off a number of items on our to-do list. 

# # #

Our A team of drywallers was as dedicated as they were talented. Day after day, they showed up to hang heavy sheets of drywall and then mud all the seams and then sand it all down and then prime all the walls and finally paint the ceilings. Some in-between days, huge fans circulated the air to dry surfaces.

One afternoon I showed up to drop off something (probably another package from Amazon filled with some odd construction materials or tool), and the chief of the A team stood on our front porch (also know as the public sidewalk, seeing as our front door opened nearly onto the street). He was taking in the fresh air during a break, joking around with Tyler.

As I joined the conversation and looked into his eyes, I came to understand what step of the project we were into: Ceiling paint. The chief was dusted from head to toe in a thin film of paint. His normally dark eyelashes were alabaster. As he laughed and blinked, he looked alien.

Thank goodness for our drywallers. Just as promised, and right on time, they completed their work. When they were done, the interior of the church never looked so neat and clean. Now we were getting somewhere.

entryway before drywall
The entryway BEFORE drywall.
entryway after drywall
The entryway AFTER drywall.
hall of history before drywall
The Hall of History BEFORE drywall.
hall of history after drywall
The Hall of History AFTER drywall.
upstairs before drywall
The second story BEFORE drywall.
upstairs after drywall
The second story AFTER drywall.
kitchen balcony before drywall
The balcony and kitchen BEFORE drywall.
kitchen balcony after drywall
Our balcony and kitchen AFTER drywall.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote from 15th century artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Tomorrow: Like our balcony, our new driveway has graceful curves, too. See them here.

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