A fanatic for fans

Our story so far: While the mechanicals were being installed in the old Methodist church we were turning into our home, my husband Tyler and I were buying things to outfit the house. Chapter 18 continues…

# # #

Fans were a bone of contention in our house. Tyler loved the white noise and breeze created by ceiling fans, but I preferred the still air often accused of being more like that found in, say, a coffin. But I conceded the sanctuary probably needed fans in order to move air around the twenty-foot high space.

The church came with standard functional ceiling fans, but Tyler wanted bigger ones, more along the lines of jet engine turbines. The ones he found, I loved for the design. The blades were sleek. The finish was described as “distressed koa with tea stain finish” (koa is a large Hawaiian forest tree), and it closely matched the color of the beams we planned for the ceiling.

fan on box
Here’s how the box says our fan will look.

With five 62-inch blades, one fan would move 8,200 cubic feet of air per minute. Tyler bought two. (Drawing on a little tenth-grade geometry, I figured the sanctuary had a volume of 16,400 cubic feet, so both fans together would move all the air in one minute; Tyler would be in heaven.)

As for a deal, he saved $100 off retail when he located one for sale online in an open box.

Both fans arrived within days of each other and, like our other deals, they went to the rental unit to await installation.

# # #

Tomorrow: We find a pair of leaded glass windows. Read about it here.

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  1. I worked at a funeral today and some of the workers skipped out early so I am really getting tired but now that I have my daily update I can go to bed. I really enjoy reading them every day.

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