It was destiny

Our story so far: The old Methodist church we were turning into a home came only with a toilet, not even a sink. To outfit the place, we planned four bathrooms, and that meant a lot of shopping for vanities.

# # #

Earlier, long before we closed on the church, Tyler got an amazing deal on a modern-looking faucet I was trying to work into my vision for the powder room vanity, but I didn’t think it was tall enough for a vessel sink, and I wasn’t sure if I would have the time and energy to repurpose another piece of furniture for an undermount sink.

I was stymied.

In the way the universe delivers what one needs exactly when one needs it, Tyler and I visited a nearby plumbing wholesaler not long after we chose a plumber to select fixtures for the master bathroom.

powder room vanity pic
All it needs is lighting.

On display was a white vanity, the ensemble complete from head to toe with the countertop, brand name faucet and even the mirror. It was distinctive in its indistinctiveness; it would look dynamite against an accent wall, maybe an accent wall of reclaimed wood from a church, for instance. And it was on sale, for 70 percent off. I pulled Tyler’s tape measure out of his jacket pocket.

“It’s 37 inches wide,” I said. “Didn’t we just build the powder room to be 37 inches wide?”

Sure enough, we did.

While we were there, we bought power-flushing toilets for all three bathrooms.

Boom. Powder room, done.

# # #

Tomorrow: A fanatic for fans. Read about it here.

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