Window shopping

Our story so far: From fans to faucets, we were accumulating pieces and parts to install in the old Methodist church we were turning into a home.

# # #

One Saturday while junking, we found a pair of leaded glass windows we couldn’t do without. Every other antique store we’d happened across sold stained glass windows in all kinds of strange rectangles, decorated with gaudy oranges and red glass, and almost always as singles. Nothing was quite right.

balcony projection
Here’s an illustration of how the balcony might look when we’re done.

We were looking for a matched pair we could install on either side of the balcony doorway. In this way, they would be interior windows and we wouldn’t have to worry about weather-proofing leaded glass. The windows would add decoration to the balcony wall while adding natural light from the second story to the sanctuary.

leaded glass for balcony
Our windows were on display in the shop window.

“Our” windows were on display in an a well-curated antique shop less than ten miles from the church. The leaded glass seemed so much classier to me than so many stained glass windows we had seen; they fit our aesthetic perfectly.

The next weekend, Tyler built a frame for transport from waste lumber accumulated at the church. When we picked up the windows, he sealed the custom-built frame on the sidewalk in front of the store, and then we added them to our collection in the rental unit to await installation with so many other pieces we had collected.

# # #

Tomorrow: Chapter 18 closes with a pair of windows that didn’t travel as well. Read about them here.

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