Eighty percent of success is just showing up

Our story so far: My husband worked on an attached garage for the old Methodist church we had turned into a residence.

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nineteen dollar refrigerator
Is this the most stylist fridge you’ll ever see? Probably not. But it’s the best value.

What’s a mancave without a refrigerator, right? During a trip to Menards to acquire nails or Typar or some other construction material (I lost track of what he was buying; so many trips to acquire more construction materials), Tyler ran across the deal of the century. Menards was peddling a used refrigerator. For months, he had been sending me to the Dollar Store to get another bag of ice for the cooler which housed the beer for the contractors happy hour he hosted when the heavy lifting was finished. “Another bag of ice?” I complained, not infrequently. When Tyler called me and asked if he should buy the refrigerator on sale for nineteen bucks, I never uttered a faster “yes!” We paid for the fridge by saving on three weeks of ice.

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Tomorrow: Size matters. Read about it here.

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