Patio plans and preparation

Our story so far: Tyler constructed an attached garage for the old Methodist church we turned into our house.

 # # #

dirt before
These piles of dirt, delivered in May, sat in the yard for four months while Tyler focused on other priorities.

On a sunny autumn day a week or so later, Tyler rented an earth mover so he could finally redistribute all that glorious black dirt he acquired months before when the school across the street got a new parking lot. He also spread around a load of gravel in the lawn outside the future porch. This layer of gravel would settle over the winter and be ready for the installation of pavers for a patio off the garage porch. He planned a cozy fire pit, too. This patio would one day provide access the church lacked to the beautiful outdoor space. The garden planted by parishioners on the side of the church could be seen through the windows, but as a church, there was no porch, no patio, no deck— even the front door spilled out onto the public sidewalk. This three-season porch and outdoor patio was designed to remedy this lapse.

dirt after
That lighter area on the ground outside the garage is gravel where the patio will be built next year.

# # #

Tomorrow: Deal of the century. Read about it here.


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