Everything gets better with coffee

Our story so far: After months of work, my husband and I moved into the 126-year-old Methodist church we had converted into our residence.

# # #

We woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed after sleeping on our favorite bed. A Sunday. I found this somehow significant, even though we weren’t conducting any services. First day of the week. First day living in the church.

Church Sweet Home Beverage Bar
The beverage bar with all the pieces in place.

First task: Making coffee. At the beverage bar. The extra-deep counter had room for all our coffee-making paraphernalia, and a little sink to rinse off the Aeropress when we were done. But on this day, Tyler brewed us a whole pot. We sat at the island—because we’d hauled in the bar stools when we brought in our bed—and we enjoyed our comfortable seating. I saw everything with new eyes because I was no longer planning it or walking by it mid-construction, I flipped the light switches, I stood over the countertop, I ran the faucet to rinse a cup. It was all so weird.

When the time came, I walked over to the Congregational church only a block away to worship. And I said a little prayer of thankfulness.

# # #

Tomorrow: Filling the closet. Read about it here.

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