Home, the spot of earth supremely blest

Our story so far: We earned our habitational permit and moved our bed into the old Methodist church we had converted into our home.

# # #

We rewarded ourselves by showering in our new shower. At the same time. Our first shower in the church! We were giddy. I told my mother this later, and she said, “I don’t want to know that.” And I said, “We just got clean!”

We just got clean, I swear. Assembling Sleep Number beds is hard work. And we had somewhere to be: Lowe’s. To return upstairs shower door No. 2 (three times, the charm).

While we were out, we celebrated with sushi at a Japanese/Chinese fusion restaurant (sort of like we were now living in a church/residence fusion home). The establishment had apparently invested in the “happy fortunes” cookies because Tyler’s fortune said, “Your present plans are going to succeed,” and mine said, “The current year will bring you much happiness.”

True story.

When we got home, Tyler fired up the television in the bedroom because that was the only one in the structure at the time (everyone has priorities), and we snuggled under the covers. I wasn’t so interested in whatever was on TV. I stared up at the tray ceiling, romantically lit in a soft blue (the rope lighting touted “16 million colors!”). I took in the careful workmanship, how the straight the corners, how well painted the tin. I marveled at the quiet of the church; outdoor noise was muted and, when we weren’t tiptoeing around creaking the floors, so was the interior. Our chome was so peaceful when no one was wielding hammers and drills.

It felt like home.

I fell asleep easily and dreamed sweet dreams.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote widely attributed to Robert Montgomery: “Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.”

Tomorrow: Waking up in the church. Read about it here.

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