A nuttier establishment you’ve never seen

Our story so far: We neared the finish line in at least a few spaces of the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

Among the finishing details I enjoyed watching come to fruition was the door to our granddaughter’s playhouse, the space under the eaves we’d named for her.

lucy's former door
Here’s a shot of the second floor when we purchased the church. See that door on the right? It led to a storage space under the eaves. The “Do Not Open” sign we ignored is on the table there.

More than once, I was amused to see a grown man working in that little five-foot-high space. The drywallers installed drywall, and the painter painted it. I sanded the floors with the edging machine (it was less amusing when I was the one on my knees).

Tyler recycled the old closet door that had led to the opposite eaves. When we’d first toured the church, a hand-lettered sign was posted on the closet door warning: “Do not open!” Behind it was a lot of dust and debris.

He removed several layers of paint until he revealed the last layer—a distressed sea foam green that I loved. He cut it to size, and I applied a couple of coats of clear polyurethane. He attached it to our granddaughter’s playhouse with some vintage-y black hinges; all we required now was a cool door knob. Our soon-to-be-walking granddaughter would find this little room to be just her size.

Lucy's Playhouse Door
Here are the eaves on the other side of the room (the belfry side), where the little door on the left now leads to our granddaughter’s playhouse. (And how about those floors?)
lucy's door
Here’s a close-up of the door.

# # #

Tomorrow: More floors. This one you don’t want to miss. Click here.

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