It is how you cross the finish line that matters

Our story so far: Cabinets throughout the old Methodist church were installed, and the place was beginning to look like a home.

# # #

Like the installation of our balcony railing, the installation of our counter tops was quick and satisfying. A week after the experts came to measure, they returned with finished stone and manhandled it into place. Because of the complexity of our kitchen island, they dry-fitted the granite during that second visit and returned a few days later to glue the finished pieces into place.

countertops in action
Hub of activity.

There was only one hiccup. Part of the beverage bar did not fit the first time. It had to be removed and refinished. Moving massive pieces of quartz and granite is not for the faint-hearted. At least four men were involved with every piece. I was reminded yet again about how heavy construction materials were, and grateful for the named and nameless men who helped us move items into the church.

When they completed their work, I would tour the church in the evenings, when everyone else was gone and quiet had descended on the place. I would pass my fingers along the cool, smooth stone of the countertops and, depending what room I was in, I’d imagine what it would be like to brush my teeth or chop vegetables or make a cup of coffee. We were nearing the point at which we’d have an operational bathroom, bedroom and kitchen which meant we could move into the church. All we needed now was a few tweaks by the electrician and by Glimfeather, our plumber (Glimfeather was on toilet duty, too). We were on to Phase Five: Finishing.

island countertop
Well, if you wanted glorious After shots of the installed granite, you’re going to have to wait (which is fair, since I have to wait, too). But these pictures give you an idea.
beverage bar countertop
Clearly, we’re still in a work zone. This is part of the beverage bar counter top.
master vanity countertop 2
Master vanity counter top.
upstairs vanity with countertops
Upstairs vanity. Those rectangle pieces of packaging paper? Mirrors, silly.

# # #

Tomorrow: Chapter 38 begins, telling of finishing details. Read it here.

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