Sticking to it

Our story so far: We installed cabinets like mad when we could finally tackle this phase in the conversion project of the 126-year-old Methodist church.

# # #

Meanwhile, I had been working on the dressers that would become the vanity for the upstairs bathroom. After I painted them, most of the drawers wouldn’t close anymore, so I spent one morning sanding edges. I also dragged my lot of eBay crystal knobs to the hardware store to find appropriately sized screws.

You-Can-Call-Me-Al installed the dressers in the bathroom, created fillers and built a ledge for the makeup table in the center. More work would be necessary; Tyler would have to modify the drawers for the sink, I would have to paint all the added bits and pieces, and we needed mirrors, but like the kitchen, this vanity was ready to be measured for counter tops.

upstairs vanity in place
Crystal knobs: Good call, readers.

# # #

Tuesday: Cabinets for the mudroom. Wait, there’s cabinets in the mudroom? Check them out here.


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