When life hands you lemons, bust out the tequila and salt

Our story so far: The main refrigerator was installed with just an inch to spare in the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

Past experience taught us that one refrigerator wasn’t enough. In our previous home, we made liberal use of a used refrigerator in the garage, especially when we entertained. So this time around, we designed room for not one but two additional refrigerators—one for beer and pop and one for wine. Once we added our Drinkpod water cooler and a coffee maker, surely we would have enough space for beverages for everyone. Including a beverage bar in the kitchen design was one of my favorite design ideas.

As was his wont, Tyler ordered both refrigerators online, and they arrived packed in multiple layers of plastic and cardboard. The beer cooler was dented (slightly), and the wine cooler’s door was awry.

A little bit of complaining yielded discounts on both. Tyler fixed the wine cooler door with 57 cents in new screws. We were happy with this result. It meant every appliance in our new kitchen was purchased used, at a discount or on sale. Given the extras required for the Craig’s List stove hood, this was good for the Tequila budget (with plenty of space to ice tequila in the future!).

beverage bar
Can I offer you a drink?

Both refrigerators were installed with only a little bit of finagling.

We were finally ready for counter tops. Tyler called the counter top company to come and measure.

# # #

Tomorrow: Cabinets for the upstairs bathroom. Check them out here.

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