Small spaces, little joys

Our story so far: Tyler cleared the sanctuary floor in order to finish it, so our carpenter, You-Can-Call-Me-Al, got busy with trim at the old Methodist church we were turning into a home.

# # #

You-Can-Call-Me-Al trimmed out the baseboard and the windows in the master suite, and among other details, he hung the linen closet doors and trimmed them out. Shaped sort of like a cramped confessional only without the screen between, those strange little cubby holes leftover in the master suite floor layout had become handy little closets for sheets and towels. All we needed was shelves and doorknobs! Oh, and paint. But at least now we could envision the closets instead of strange voids in the two-by-fours.

linen closet before drywall
Here are our two little side-by-side linen closets before drywall. This space is just inside the bathroom from the master bedroom.
linen closet
And here are our linen closets after You-Can-Call-Me-Al hung the doors.

# # #

Tomorrow: The tray ceiling in the bedroom. See it here.

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