Necessity is the mother of invention

Our story so far: While taking a breath from finishing floors, we admired some finished details—balcony railing, fireplace, window—at the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

We were keeping You-Can-Call-Me-Al busy. Tyler wanted all the trim on the sanctuary floor out of the way in order to finish sanding, so You-Can-Call-Me-Al’s orders were to start using it up.

shelf for trim
You-Can-Call-Me-Al solved some of Tyler’s sense of urgency by building a shelf in the sanctuary for all that 16-foot-long trim that would have been a bear to haul to the basement. You can see the baseboard installed over the wainscoting where I tested paint colors.

# # #

Tomorrow: Trimmed out linen closet doors. See them here.


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