Natural beauty

Our story so far: After sanding floors for months at the old Methodist church, we spent a little time filling the seams.

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Our next hurdle was stain. Fortunately, choosing a stain color proved to be much easier than choosing paint colors for the trim and walls. We decided to go without stain on the maple in the master suite and on the pine on the second floor. A couple of coats of clear polyurethane was all we needed to show off the hardwood.

master suite during sanding
Here’s how the master bedroom floor look at the beginning of the sanding process.
master suite with one coat
Here’s how the master bedroom floor looked after Tyler filled the seams and applied one coat of polyeurethane.
second floor half sanded
Here’s a picture of the second floor after half of it had been sanded the first time. This was even before drywall was up.
second floor with one coat
This is the second floor after one coat of polyurethane.

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Tomorrow: Luck equals preparation plus opportunity. Read about it here.

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