It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped

Our story so far: My husband and I purchased a 126-year-old Methodist church to turn into our residence. We gotten through demolition and installation of new mechanicals, and now we were deep into the drywall, painting and flooring phase.

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Chapter 30

If you google “decision paralysis,” you’ll find 11,900,000 results. If Google didn’t prioritize the options for you, oh paralyzed one, you might never learn what it means. But Wikipedia’s definition rises to the top and you learn decision paralysis is a common problem in the modern world where one is faced with too many detailed options. The perfectionist is caught up in finding the one right one, and pretty soon, her over-analysis prevents any option from being taken.

Decision paralysis was beginning to affect our church renovation. We’d been choosing from among a million different options for months—granite or quartz? pecan beams or antique cherry? polished chrome or brushed nickel? Now we were presented with decisions that affected the look of the entire church cum house, and we would have to look at them every day: Wall paint and trim.

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Tomorrow: How to choose? Read about the dilemma here.

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