Light at the end of the tunnel

Our story so far: As we wrapped up a long week that began with a flooded basement and ended with all kinds of kitchen cabinet issues, our electrician installed a ceiling fan in the sanctuary of the old Methodist church we had spent months rehabbing into a residence.

# # #

sanctuary lights before and after

Our electrician agreed to come back the next day—a Saturday—to install the sanctuary lights, the ones the former pastor had sold to us for practically nothing and that I had repainted and rewired. They had new LED Edison bulbs and were ready to go. This time in the rental unit, I put my hands on them immediately. I briefly thought I’d misplaced the assembly screws, but they were right there in the bottom of the box.

Our electrician ascended his ladder to perform his magic (again, I couldn’t watch the high work), and Tyler called me into the sanctuary of the church.

Our great room ceiling was complete—drywall, paint, beams, fans and lights. It had been months of effort and required the expertise of dozens of men (and one woman). We’d busted the Tequila Budget but not by that much actually. Tyler and I sat in the two rolling chairs he’d situated in the room for just this occasion—to ponder our work.

Sanctuary ceiling
Lights, fans, action!

We leaned way back in the chairs and marveled at how finished and coordinated everything looked together. Our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week was over. We couldn’t yet watch TV or dine or even do dishes in our “chome,” but we didn’t want to leave yet either. Finally, it was very good.

sanctuary ceiling before and after

# # #

Tomorrow: Chapter 30 opens with decision-making overload. Read about it here.

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