Not a mistake; let’s call it a ‘learning opportunity’

Our story so far: We were enduring a week of setbacks at the old Methodist church we were turning into our home. We kept losing bits and pieces for starters.

# # #

I finally found the well-hidden glass door fronts wrapped in furniture blankets in the back of one of the rental units where I had been directed to find the poles for the ceiling fans, which I had painted and stored weeks before.

wrong color cabinets
A beautiful cabinet front. For someone else’s house.
kitchen cabinets half installed
The gap-filled cabinets should have been a lovely shade of cream, like the cabinet on the right. (The stove vent was supposed to be a different color.)

Wednesday, we unpacked the new upper cabinets we’d purchased to fill in some of the kitchen gaps. After removing six layers of packing, we discovered we’d ordered custom cabinets in the wrong color.


Instead of being mounted, they would have to be exchanged. We hadn’t saved any time by ordering them weeks ago; in fact, they cost us money to store them.

Double phooey.

# # #

Tomorrow: First wrong color. Then wrong size. Read about the heartache here.

3 thoughts on “Not a mistake; let’s call it a ‘learning opportunity’

    • We’re sending the brown cabinets back. I used you and Val’s and Julie’s suggestions when I picked up six paint samples on Monday. I think I know what we’re going with for walls and trim.


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