A cabinet, a cabinet, my kingdom for a cabinet

Our story so far: As summer solstice loomed, rain fell on the old Methodist church we were turning into our home. After a long day of sanding floors, Tyler discovered lakes of water in the basement. And that was only the beginning of a week of woes.

# # #

Rain continued to fall off and on all week. If it wasn’t raining, the skies were gray. The days that were supposed to provide the most hours of sunlight all year were only long days of gray.

Tuesday, Tyler pulled the upper kitchen cabinets out of the storage unit. Or at least the ones he could find. (Please don’t ask me why he was mounting cabinets before we’d finished flooring or painting—the foreman didn’t have the same sense of construction phases as I did.)

city of cabinets
City of cabinets

Somehow, he’d lost the glass-fronted doors somewhere in the labyrinth of stored construction materials. The kitchen cabinets we snagged from the remodeling company had been disassembled for transport, and they looked like a lost civilization in the storage unit—the second storage unit we’d acquired to store all our finds. We had tucked away the glass-fronted doors somewhere on one of the units to keep them safe. Now we couldn’t find them at all.

# # #

Tomorrow: The sorrow of cabinets continues. Read about it here.

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