Good order is the foundation of all things

Our story so far: The concrete finishers completed their careful work on our driveway at the old Methodist church we were turning into our home.

# # #

concrete pad
Window wells, in process.

While he had the concrete mixer’s attention, Tyler had him pour the air conditioning pad. I’d enjoyed air-conditioned homes all through my adult life, but this would be one of those details to which I’d never paid attention. Not Tyler; he preferred concrete pads to the pre-fab plastic ones, and I didn’t even realize an air conditioner requires a pad at all.

Tyler also chose to install window wells around the basement windows on that side of the church so he could spread around all that fabulous black dirt he’d collected from the school across the street and coax drainage water away from the foundation.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote from Edmund Burke, an 18th century Anglo-Irish statesman, author and philosopher. Now that’s the kind of resume I’d like to have someday.

Tomorrow: Dreaming of a mancave. Read about it here.

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