Nailed it

Our story so far: My husband and I bought a 126-year-old Methodist church to turn into our dream home, and we–with a little help–spent nine weeks demolishing the interior.

# # #

Chapter 16

Activity at the church began to accelerate, as evidenced by the number of checks being written and the volume of building materials accumulating in the church.

This is what 2,000 nails looks like

One day, a relatively small box—Amazon’s smallest shipping box—was delivered to the front door. I tried to bring it inside, but I discovered abruptly I couldn’t lift it.

“What is that?” I asked Tyler later. “It’s as heavy as a thousand screws.”

“Two thousand, actually. Two thousand nails,” he replied nonchalantly.

So we were embarking on a construction phase requiring at least two thousand nails.

# # #

Tomorrow: “Wood”n’t it be nice? Read it here.

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