Wooden’t it be nice?

Our story so far: Activity began to accelerate, as evidenced by the volume of building materials accumulating inside the old Methodist church.

# # #

That’s a lot of lumber.

Two days after the nail delivery, a Mack truck with a hydraulic fork lift on the back arrived in front of the church and left behind two enormous piles of lumber on our sidewalk. In a biting 20 mph wind, Tyler’s hired man St. Johnny and I carried in 113 two-by-fours of various lengths, 30 two-by-sixes, 10 two-by-eights, 30 two-by-tens, 20 sheets of plywood and five LVLs (that would be laminated veneer lumber typically used for headers, for those of you who don’t handle industrial deliveries of lumber every day).

Oh joy.

Fortunately, it wasn’t snowing or raining.

All that lumber was evidence that we were now building things instead of tearing things down. This reality buoyed Tyler’s spirits considerably. He and his hired man St. Johnny had toiled for many weeks in relative isolation while they had demoed the interior of the church. Now Tyler could watch real progress as skilled workers made the church look better rather than looking worse.

# # #

Tomorrow: Get your head out of the rain gutter. Read it here.

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