Happy Independence!

From a simple spark may burst a mighty flame.

We have a fireworks store in our little village just over the border from Illinois, and it’s evident the populous frequents the place. Pop, pop, pop, whir, bang! Twilight erupts with real-life sound effects around here on a holiday weekend.

I captured this rare evening photo of the church sign last night as some neighbor kids lit street sparklers in the background. My “mighty flame” message is both inspiration and a warning, te he.

Here’s hoping we Americans take advantage of the blessings of liberty for the greater good. Happy Fourth of July!

2 thoughts on “Happy Independence!

  1. When you have fraidy-cat dogs, fireworks are not as enjoyable. We are looking forward to our visit this month.

    Frank and Angela


    • Well, the revelers should have most of it out of their system by then, I would imagine, so we can visit in peace (Tyler said one of our neighbors say “stop already” when I rang the bell this morning—what do they know!)


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