Nailed it! Not

I’ve often written about how paint can make anything better, and I believe this strongly most of the time. I am proud of the way I transformed a beat-up dresser into a bathroom vanity.

upstairs vanity in place
The guest bath on the second floor.

Or a 100-year-old desk into a fresh-looking focal piece.

Desk closed after
Tyler’s desk now graces a corner of the great room.

And especially light fixtures. I spray painted the chandeliers in the great room and our master bedroom, and also the collars for this historic lights in the Hall of History.

hall of history lights
The “collar” of a light fixture contains the wiring. These collars were all found in the church during the demo phase.

But alas, sometimes paint fails. Or maybe just I do as the painter. I share this failure here, lest you think every project we take on around Church Sweet Home is a home run. Sometimes, we strike out.

failed lamp

This lamp base has interesting marble accents, but I hated the gold leafy scroll work. It once sat in our living room in our former house. I spent a morning taping off the marble accents, and spray painted the gold parts matte black.

It was horrible (not even worth sharing the after photo). There was just no camouflaging that scrollwork.

However, Tyler used black spray paint to great effect recently on some furnishings and décor for our new winter condo. I share those transformations tomorrow on my Minnesota Transplant blog. Check in with me there if you’re looking for some lake home inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Nailed it! Not

  1. It’s just so hard sometimes for me to paint over wood as there’s pretty much no going back, but when I finally gave up on some interior doors the previous owners had (mostly) stripped, I wished I’d done it years sooner!, So I applaud your bravery!


    • My dad, a woodworker, frowns on me painting all wood I meet. He likes it stained. But usually, I paint over wood that doesn’t deserve to be stained– it was cheap and ugly to begin with, so I’m really only being reckless by potentially wasting my time. 🙂


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