Piles of paper out, toilet paper in

Dear reader, we’re taking a break from the memoir-in-progress to assess the accomplishments of the past year. My husband and I closed on the 126-year-old Methodist church just shy of a year ago, and the changes have been immense. For the next few days, I’m telling the story in before-and-after photos. Whenever possible I’ll try to use the same perspective in the “after” shot as I did long ago in the “before.” We check out the guest bath today.

bathroom wall before
I’m not entirely sure what this room in the church was. It was filled with a decades worth of Sunday School lessons and choir music. But it also had a gas heater. Maybe the walls were erected after the heater was installed.
bathroom wall after
We tore the old wall down and built a new one to enclose the guest bath. From the beginning, we knew we would locate a bathroom here because it’s directly above the master bath which is directly above the old church kitchen in the basement, and it was easier to run plumbing here. To the right, you can see part of the doorway to the balcony.
inside bathroom before
This is the old storage room before.
inside bathroom after
This is the inside of the bathroom now. A bit of work is still required. We’re missing vanity drawers, we need another coat of paint and the tub needs a surround, but we’re getting there. Given what was in there to begin with, I suppose the space could use a little reading material, too. Once we opened up the choir loft, heating the space was no longer an issue.

Tomorrow: Guest bed. See the transformation here.


6 thoughts on “Piles of paper out, toilet paper in

  1. The room with the gas heater in it used to be the room where the copy machine was years ago. The room with the bank of glass doored shelves was the preacher’s office.

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  2. Oh I love it! I remember the before pictures of the dressers/vanity! Have you thought of using some of the old choir music a decoupage drawer liner? I have done it using a varathane spray.


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