Out of a closet, a doorway

Dear reader, we’re taking a break from the memoir-in-progress to assess the accomplishments of the past year. My husband and I closed on the 126-year-old Methodist church just shy of a year ago, and the changes have been immense. For the next week or so, I’m going to tell the story in before-and-after photos. Whenever possible I’ll try to use the same perspective in the “after” shot as I did long ago in the “before.” Yesterday, we looked at the kitchen and balcony, and today we take a peek into the mudroom (the alcove to the right of the kitchen).

mudroom before
When we purchased the church, there was a closet in the space that would someday become our back door and mudroom.
mudroom mid construction
About three months into the renovation, we’d pinpointed where we wanted a back door, but we hadn’t opened it up yet because it would have been a door to nowhere–the garage hadn’t yet been built.
mudroom after
Here’s how the mudroom looks today. The doorway to the left is a pocket door that leads to the powder room. the “rest room” sign was salvaged from the basement, which was the only operational bathroom in the church when we bought it. The door on the right leads to the garage.
inside powder room
Here’s a peek inside the powder room. The wall behind the mirror is reclaimed wood from the basement ceiling (we also used this wood on our master bedroom headboard).

Tomorrow: The Hall of History. See it in all its before-and-after glory here.


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