The potential for greatness lives within each of us

Dear reader, we’re taking a break from the memoir-in-progress to assess the accomplishments of the past year. My husband and I closed on the 126-year-old Methodist church just shy of a year ago, and the changes have been immense. For the next week and half or so, I’m going to tell the story in before-and-after photos. Whenever possible I’ll try to use the same perspective in the “after” shot as I did long ago in the “before.” Yesterday, we took in the new front doors. Skipping through the entryway (which isn’t finished or even semi-finished yet), we walk into what used to be the sanctuary of the church.

great room before
This is how the sanctuary looked when we took ownership of the church. The congregation gotten rid of or distributed all the pews and the altar.
Great room before drywall
It took us two months to demolish the interior, and even then, we had the drywallers rip out the ceiling (seen here). They proceeded to drywall and paint the ceiling.
Great room after balcony
Tyler built the balcony off the choir loft.
great room after second drywall
The drywallers returned to install Sheetrock on the walls, and Tyler and You-Can-Call-Me-Al built the fireplace chase.
great room after floor refinishing
Here’s how the great room looked after You-Can-Call-Me-Al bricked the fireplace and after Tyler applied the second, and correct, stain to the floor.
great room after 11.11
Here’s the great room this morning. The back wall is not finished; we plan a bank of cabinets and shelving plus more seating.

Tomorrow: The kitchen. See it here.

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