Hitches in our hospitality

Our story so far: We had come a loooong way in renovating the old Methodist church into a home, but our early guests tolerated a few inconveniences in the midst of finishing the project.

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None of the bathroom doors had locks. The pocket doors on the powder room and guest bath didn’t even have handles yet. And while the toilet, shower and sink were all operational in the guest bath, the tub remained dry. We still didn’t have the proper faucet to turn the big basin into an oasis. And vanity mirrors? Oh, those were waiting for vanity lighting which was waiting for proper wiring and then cosmetic surgery to the drywall. My mother, who gamely got ready the first morning she visited without any mirrors, was inordinately grateful when I lent her the makeup mirror from the master bath (an act I should have performed sooner).

Also awkward for guests: Our beautiful French doors leading to our bedroom lacked window coverings, revealing our bed (and whoever was in it) to the hall. A guest using the back stairs walked right by these doors on their way to or from their own sleeping quarters.

french doors with no window covering
The doors have panache. But not so much privacy.

# # #

Tomorrow: Little finishing touch that works. Read about it here.

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