There are no big problems; there are just a lot of little problems

Our story so far: Little problems arose in the finishing phase of the old Methodist church renovation.

# # #

In one of his last acts, Glimfeather our plumber determined the faucet in the powder room—the one we’d acquired for an amazing deal in a display vanity—didn’t have all its parts. During the test, water sprayed everywhere. A fail. Another vendor complaint would have to be issued. Another reason to see Glimfeather again.

open handle in shower
We can thank Joanna Gaines for this awesome design feature. But I bet she washes her hands of it. Ha!

Then I had buyer’s remorse about the trendy glass cut-out handle I’d specified so precisely for the master shower door. After it was installed, and I admired it repeatedly, I noticed it was impossible to use without leaving fingerprints. This was one of those mistakes that couldn’t be fixed with a new coat of stain or a store return. There was no going back. Windex and I would be getting real familiar.

We fired up the zone cooling system we’d invested in so we could cool only the master suite instead of the whole church. Worked great. Then we noticed cool air shooting out of the vent in the mudroom. It dawned on me that the HVAC guy, way back when he installed ductwork, saw only two-by-four walls; the back door didn’t yet exist. The mudroom—with its maple wood floors—probably looked like part of the master suite back then when in fact, it was really an entryway to the sanctuary.

# # #

Today’s headline is a quote from Henry Ford who created the Model T car in 1908, nearly two decades after our little Methodist church was built.

Tomorrow: When it rains, it pours. Read about it here.

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