The shower: A place for deep thoughts, musical performances and cleaning up

Our story so far: After months of preamble, the vanity in the master bath of the converted Methodist church came together in a matter of about forty-eight hours with tradesmen practically crawling over each other to get work done.

# # #

While he was there, the glass guy spent several hours installing our coveted glass shower door. The one we drooled over so many months ago when we were trying to make the numbers work. And the rainfall shower head. Oh. Oh. Oh. My brother-in-law installed a rainfall shower head in his and my sister’s home. It was divine (and theirs wasn’t even in a church), and I knew what I was missing. How I longed to stand under those water drops for an entire afternoon.

shower before
Just to remind you how far we’ve come, that corner on the right is where our master shower is now. This room had been used mostly recently in the church as an office. The window in the center of the picture is in our new bathroom, and the wall on the far left was moved to where the beam is; the window on the left is in our bedroom.
shower pre construction
Here’s that corner post-demo with two walls of the shower framed in.
shower after
And here’s the tiled shower with the fixtures and the glass walls installed.

# # #

Tomorrow: Chapter 38 wraps up with a look at the master closet. Check it out here.

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