Little problem in the kitchen

Our story so far: We had finally progressed to the cabinets phase of renovation in the old Methodist church project.

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stove vent
What a hood! What a deal!

We had purchased the stove hood as part of the castle door deal. The door seller had a strange variety of stuff in his garage, including the enormous wood stove hood. Tyler got him to throw it into the deal. This was long before we found the display kitchen and long before we purchased the 36-inch wide stove on Craig’s List, so we tiptoed around it in the basement for months.

It seemed like an incredible deal to me.

Until I saw the tab for the vent. The hood was just decoration. To make it operational, we needed a vent. In the correct size. Tyler found a new one he liked. Cha-ching.

No matter how good your vent, you need ducting to transfer the smoke (or whatever it coming off your cook top) to the outdoors. During the mechanicals phase, Tyler thought ahead enough to get ducting from the hood to the outdoors. Cha-ching.

The vent needed to be inside the hood, and that required You-Can-Call-Me-Al’s expertise. Cha-ching.

And to make a vent operate, we needed electricity.

So we put the electrician to work on the project. Cha-ching.

Of course, it wasn’t a simple connection. It didn’t work on the first try, so we would need to remove the vent, problem solve, and try again.


The incredible deal was actually a money pit. Or money vent, I guess. Poof, money floating out of the chome through the stove vent ducting.

# # #

Tomorrow: Hmm, the stove hood isn’t the only challenging appliance in the kitchen. Read about the other one here.

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