When two is good, is three better?

Our story so far: At the urging of my friends, I invested in a half-dozen paint samples to try on the walls of our great room, the former worship space of the church we were renovating into a home.

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One of the samples I chose for the trim—Casual Khaki—turned out not to be just similar to the trim color already in the church, it was exactly the same shade of creamy beige.

I’m still not sure if that was serendipity or if my subconscious was simply a copycat, but I liked it. And so did Tyler when he saw it in the early morning light.

For my medium gray, I narrowed my choices down to Loft Space and Silver Bullet. Loft Space was the early contender, but it wasn’t quite right.

Behr color room
From Behr.com

I continued to over-analyze, and I found a picture on Behr’s blog of a room that had different colors on the trim and wainscoting. Well, we had bead-board wainscoting around the entire perimeter of the great room and master bedroom. Maybe we needed a third color, too. Maybe this was the answer.

I needed to finalize some decisions soon because Tyler had decided he wanted to hire a painter. He didn’t trust me to cut in the wall lines to ceiling and he didn’t have time to do it himself. A pro would be enlisted.

tricolor sample
A tri-color scheme: Bleached Linen on the trim, Casual Khaki on the wainscoting and Loft Space on the wall. Hmm.

# # #

Thursday: You think paint is hard to choose? Try trim! Read about it here.

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