Isn’t she pretty? Truly the angel’s best

Our story so far: Our spiral stairway arrived, and a dozen people tried screwing it bottom first into the front door of our converted church. But it was a no-go. So our master carpenter removed the front doors and the doors into the sanctuary while we sweated it out on the front lawn.

# # #

The spiral stairs proprietress’ head man suggested we turn the spiral stairway around in the front yard to spiral it in top first.

spiral second attempt
Our spiral stairway, halfway born.

Much grunting ensured, but before long, our spiral was completely screwed inside our entryway. One doorway down, one to go.

spiral inside sanctuary
Looky there, she’s inside.

Experience made the second doorway easier, and gruntingly, the spiral was inside the sanctuary of the church.

spiral tipping
Upsie daisy!

We (or more accurately, the men, because I was spent) lugged the spiral across the room and, after one last round of grunting, tipped the spiral upright.

She (our stylish spiral presented as a she) was bolted in place, and within minutes, Tyler and I climbed to the balcony on the steps of our spiral. Total installation time, including false start: Forty-four minutes. Not a record, but a competent average.

She was beautiful in all her black hammered spindles punctuated by her elegant basket balusters. She fit the corner of the great room perfectly, both in size and in style.

Tyler and I posed for a picture standing at the top of the steps in all our sweaty glory. We couldn’t stop smiling.

spiral posed for picture

# # #

Today’s headline is a line from Stevie Wonder’s hit “Isn’t She Lovely” written to celebrate the birth of his daughter. You can thank me later for this uplifting earworm.

Tomorrow: We are plagued, it seemed. Read about it here.

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