Caution: Entering construction zone

Our story so far: While the drywallers were working inside the old Methodist church we were transforming into our home, we went to work on the garage.

# # #

The next day, the building inspector dropped by so we could prove we really dug four-feet-deep footings (apparently some people prevaricate regarding this detail, which is why the inspector makes an appearance before the cement mixer does).

A cement mixer rumbled into our yard to pour eighteen yards of concrete into the trenches. Astute readers are probably aware that though people use the terms cement and concrete interchangeably, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete. Now we employed an experienced concrete finisher and his crew to fill in the basement windows with concrete block and build wooden forms for the concrete walls of the cement pad. A few days later, the cement mixer dropped by again and left behind eight-and-a-half yards of cement.

garage windows blocked in
There goes the natural light! Here’s a shot of the basement windows covered with concrete block.
garage wooden forms
Wooden forms for the concrete walls.
garage concrete walls
The finished concrete walls took on the wood grain from the forms.


# # #

Tomorrow: It wouldn’t be spring if there were no mud. Read about it here.

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